Temporary unemployment in Belgium – new procedure as from 1 January 2023

Temporary unemployment in Belgium - new procedure as from 1 January 2023 is showing via Sorry, we are closed on the door of the store. The text on the front of the Café or Restaurant is hanging on the door at the entrance.

What is the temporary unemployment ? Temporary unemployment (Chômage temporaire (FR) / Tijdelijke werkloosheid (NL)) allows employers to not provide work to their employees and therefore not pay them any salary. The employees instead receive an allowance from the government. What was applicable for temporary unemployment? During the COVID-19 pandemic and until 31 December 2022, […]

Approved: paid leave for COVID-19 vaccine to be back soon

covid19 vaccine bottle - paid leave for covid vaccine 2022 (payroll belgium)

COVID-19 In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic abruptly put life as we knew it on hold. Not only our personal lives were subject to massive changes, professionally, things transformed as well. One of the measures to combat the COVID-19 crisis was the introduction of recommended or compulsory telework for employees, also known as corona telework. Current […]

Success key 1: employment contract

4 special employment agreements (Payroll Belgium)

A tailor-made employment contract is the best guarantee to a long-lasting successful relationship with your employee in Belgium. Definition of an employment contract An employment agreement is a contract whereby a person – the employee – engages her/himself to perform work in return for a salary under the authority of an employer. The legal basis […]

Inspiring tricks for salary package in Belgium

salary package (Payroll Belgium)

What is a good salary? After a long search, you finally found your ideal candidate . That makes you happy and excited about the future. However, you are uncertain about the salary package you want to offer. On the one hand, the net salary must be attractive for the employee, but on the other, you […]

Best use of language legislation in Belgium

language legislation (Payroll Belgium)

Belgium has 3 regions Belgium is a federal state, divided into three semi-autonomous regions. In Belgium’s political landscape, the Regions have gained over the past few years and especially since the last big State reform in 2016, more and important competencies which also have an impact on a number of employment law/social law-related areas. The […]

New salary limits for work permits as from January 1, 2022

New salary limits for work permits (Payroll Belgium)

In this post, we want to share the salary limits for work permits, and to highlight the basic principles of a work permit in Belgium. Who needs a work permit? Foreign employees who are not European Economic Area (EEA) citizens need a work permit or a single permit to work on the Belgian territory, unless […]