New salary thresholds for work permit (Payroll Belgium)

New salary thresholds for work permit as from January 1, 2024

For the coming year, we want to share with you new salary thresholds for work permit, and highlight the basic principles of a work permit in Belgium.

Who needs a work permit?

Unless they qualify for an exemption, non-European nationals need to be in the possession of a work permit or a single permit in order to be allowed to work in Belgium. A single permit, which combines both a work permit and a residence permit, is required in case the period of employment exceeds a period of 90 days.

Which authority grants a work permit?

The power to grant  a work permit or a single permit has been regionalized, enabling each region to establish its own criteria for granting such permits. As a result, each region independently establishes the salary thresholds for work permit/single permit in its specific area (Brussels-Capital Region, Walloon Region, and Flemish Region)

What are the salary thresholds for work permit?

As from 1 January 2024, the following minimum gross salary limits will apply:


Highly qualified staff Executive staff European Blue Card
Brussels-Capital Region € 50,310 € 83,936 € 66,053
Walloon Region € 50,310  € 83,936 € 65,053
Flemish Region < 30 years: € 37,305.60

≥ 30 years: € 46,632

€ 74,611 € 55,958

(Find previous salary thresholds for work permit here)

In addition to these salary limits, other conditions must also be met in order for the employee to qualify for a work permit/single permit.

What if I need more information about work permits in Belgium?

Do not hesitate to contact one of the immigration specialists at Pro-Pay by filling out the  contact sheet. You can also contact them for information about employment law, social law, payroll law or immigration law.


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